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Monday, December 2, 2013

You can't make fun of Paul Walker.

I am so thankful that I wasn't one of those people who said stupid  shit about Paul Walker . Just mindless people online not  realizing what they are saying.  Take the time to think about something to say instead of  blurt out  the first thing that comes to your mind. That's the whole purpose of thinking, try it sometime you might actually become smart. 
"I always wanted to read people's minds but because of  the internet I changed my mind."- Ironically I found that  quote online.

It's called Social Networking for a reason;  for us to  communicate instead of  wasting time on bashing each other. And honestly with the Paul Walker and Roger Rodas( Yes I remembered the drivers name.) the jokes were getting old fast. No, I wasn't furious in case you were looking for me to insert Fast and Furious joke.   You can't make fun of Paul Walker because this story is too tragic.
 " Yeah but he's a celebrity and he is getting all the attention. What about other people who have died? No recognition there. RIP Everyone else blah blah blah I am a fucking idiot" 

 His story is different because you never heard anything bad or seen him in the tabloids. He was never  intoxicated pissing in public, or Dancing with the Has Beens/ or "Comebacks".  He was on his way to a charity event.  Not to mention that he died before Christmas, another reason why you shouldn't make fun of Paul Walker. And finally, he was re- uniting his relationship with his daughter. That alone deserves first class ticket to Heaven. How many dead beat Dad's are out there?  Rich and poor. Plenty.  

I say we  give Paul Walker the attention he deserves. For we raise our glasses and give toast to Paul Walker. We will never forget Varsity Blues, Joy Ride, Running Scared, and of course  The Fast and The Furious franchise. Except for Toyko Drift. That never happened. You will be remembered for generations.

Cheers to  you  Paul Walker  "The Jesus of Nitrous"