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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

We all know the same cliche lines: " Out with the old in with the new."  " A new beginning"  " Wipe the slate clean"  " I promise not to be that drunk like I was last New Years." And yes, all of us were that drunk person on New Years that made a complete ass of themselves. Not to mention that there is always a story which all start out the same " Remember on New Years when..." If not New Years, definitely at a wedding and  I'm guilty for both. 

That's the beauty about New Years, we can always say goodbye to the previous year. " A fresh start" - Another cliche line but still works.  But once we start the new us, we need to really stick to it. Not only are we having a New Year but we are also having a New Moon.  Who knows what will happen? Maybe the Moon and  the stars above will align with the Sun to call out to the sound of the  WAAARRRRIORR! Snarl ... Hulk Hogan....( If you get it you appreciate it. If not, I am not going to explain it)  
Take the time and really soak in this New Year. Pay attention to what is around you and figure out how we can better ourselves. Fukushima Disaster is in California and no one is doing anything about this. This should be a state of EMERGENCY and blasted all over the news! What do we do? Seriously, it's a real question not a rhetorical one. I want to start pitching in and help creating a better life but I doubt just recycling is going to help. Please leave a comment for any suggestions or ideas. 

 I don't want to protest and scream at the powers at be anymore. I am tired of fighting a broken system anyways. I want new ideas, new way of thinking, which will help us create a New Earth. It's time for us to evolve as one. Let us join together and not pay bills because that's the whole reason why we want a new society . Paying for shit sucks and it's finally taken it's toll.  Free energy and the rest will follow! If you thought Thomas Edison was a genius, then you should read up on Nikola Tesla.

Here's to the future everyone, which doesn't exist because the present moment is what you should be focusing on in the first place. 

Happy New Year!