Monday, October 28, 2013

Get these F'N kids out F'N side!

ATTENTION PARENTS, SINGLE PEOPLE AND ANYONE WHO HATES BEING AROUND CHILDREN!  Yes I am going to announce the blog title immediately.

                                         GET THESE F'N KIDS OUT F'N SIDE!

From a parents point of view: It is the best feeling in the world to see your kids smile. To hear them laugh. And witness their genius through their imagination.

From a singles point of view: Fellas there are a ton, I mean a TON of hot single MILFS at a park. Holy cow! Do you know how you can tell a who is a  good woman ? If their children are the best kids in the world, smart,  well respected and driven. Stay away from that Mom, she is a dirt bag. Kids always want to be opposite from their parents. Remember that.

Don't worry ladies, I haven't forgotten about you. In order to find out who is a good man, you don't go to the man who is playing with their child. He's not a good person.

He could be the following:

1. Fake and just wants to get laid and never call you again.

2. A child molester and you should call 911.

3. A serial killer and giving this kids it's last rights or using that kid as bait to kill you. Again call 911.

The best way to find out if is he is a good man you need to go to their friend next to him who has children. About 99% of the time that friend is gonna be a damn good wingman. And he wants to live viciously through him, so he is gonna set him up for the spike. And yes laides he will call you again, because that wingman wants his single friend to have a kid so they can enjoy their misery together. Boom you're welcome!

And for the people who hate being around  kids: You can enjoy watching your TV in peace,  eat at a quiet restaurant in tranquility, or enjoy the bar. Trust me there will be plenty of people there too. Misery loves company, and misery needs to get laid.

Now, does everyone see the benefits of having kids play outside? It not only develops imagination for the children, but it creates an amazing social environment for everyone.  While the kids are playing, getting fresh air, parents and single ready to mingle adults can come together and talk about real issues.

Such as:

1. Who wants to party at my house? - That's it.

And then when we are at someone's house getting drunk, eating like royalty we can then discuss about how our system is ruining everything. From the environment, war, economy and our children being brainwash to think only one way. Remember grades don't determine how smart you are. It determines how well you can consume information. And a lot of us can't even do that right, but that doesn't make us stupid. We need each other, respect each genius the same.

" True knowledge exist in knowing that you know nothing"- Socrates

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Friday, October 18, 2013


Operator: 911 what is your emergency!

Me: (Crying) Help me!

Operator: What is your emergency sir?

Me: I've been raped! (Crying) Oh my God, I have been raped! Help me.

Operator: Sir what is your location?

Me:  I kept saying no!

Operator: What is your location?

Me: (Crying) I'm on the couch right now.

Operator: Sir, is your TV on?

Me: Yes.

Operator: Turn it off sir. Turn it off now.

And that is what Television has done to me. It's finally raped my mind. There is nothing left up here except for my pituitary gland, which is smaller than a pea. I have no idea what I am doing in this place. Seriously, why am I sitting on my ass watching TV? What is so good about watching show after show after show after show after show. " Because I've been busy all day, I just want to sit and veg and go numb"- Then take some drugs. Weed, LSD, Mushrooms, Acid if needed. Never tried it nor want to go that far. Weed of course. We all do it don't lie. I bet teachers are the biggest pot heads. Yes all teachers . Lord knows they need to smoke the most out of all of us. No way would I put up with all those kids every day and still be able to have a smile afterwards. Puff away Teach!

Let's be honest everyone. I am not some kind of hippie saying " We can't let the corporation take us down, so we can free our minds man. "   All I'm sayin is  "We CAN'T LET CORPORATIONS TAKE US DOWN , WE NEED TO FREE OUR"


Don't believe me? Do your research. But here read up on this first:

Why hasn't this news been a #1 issue? Why is there no State of Emergency? Because they figured we're fucked anyways. Why bother?   So what if it's over for the West Coast for the next 16 billion years, look on the bright side. 11 million years from now ,  the ring of debris around Mars will clash into the surface of our planet nearly killing every little thing in it's site. That generation is really fucked!

Fear not fellow Mutants, for we shall not worry. If I was you, I would stop paying bills not giving a shit about everything. Except family, food, fun, drinks, drugs and the beach. Ooops, I wouldn't go there. 

Actually, now that I think about it. Now I see why there are so many shows for us to watch. We've been lobotomized.

Anyone want to watch One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest with me? Great flick.