Monday, August 26, 2013

Back at the Blog!

What better way to say that you are back then having Eric Bischoff's entrance theme saying you are back. Yes I am a wrestling nerd, always have and always will be. From WWF(not E) to ECW, WCW, AWA, NWA, TNA, APW, FSW, and ROH. I am a fan of Rasslin and I use the psychology of rasslin in my everyday life, on stage and in film. Thank you Rasslin. Why am I spelling it Rasslin and not Wrestling? Only Rasslin fans will understand.

Before I go off topic and just focus on rasslin, here are a few reasons why I haven't been blogging
1. I've too been lazy to blog.
2. I've been on vacation.
3. I've been busy on the road with Stand up comedy.
4. I am also in Stand Up  comedy group called The Mikes ( Four comics named Mike with four different styles)
5. I've been producing a short film.

Which leads to this blog now. To brag. I am just being honest but it feels really damn good to finally finish something I've started. Actually  I can't say I finished a film that I started. That is not true. It was the following. My friend/ writing/business partner JD Flom and our crew finished our first official film EVELYN.

Evelyn: Dectective Ray LaMont, bored with his job and distant from his wife, takes a case that leaves him searching for stolen items and having his priories tested.

We've had a lot of bumps in the road to even get a movie finished. First off JD was battling cancer, he beat it. We both went to a friends funeral, I went to six other funerals after that, JD getting into a car accidents, our Lead actors in another film we originally wanted to work on bailed out on us, the list goes on and on. But with me bugging JD, and him striving to write something, we had our script. We found a solid cast and amazing crew. And the rest is history. Six months later, WE ARE DONE!  JD and I are submitting Evelyn into film festivals too. Whew, that's a lot there.

Am I forgiven for not writing my blog? Nope, keep pushing. You're right, I should always find time to write to my fans. But if I am not writing you can find me on my websites or  Add me on facebook;, Follow me on twitter;, Subscribe my YouTube page ;,  or Vine with me. ( You can find me on Vine with these other accounts)

I am always around and will always be busy with something, just know that a few things will be neglected once and a while but I will always be working and entertaining each and everyone of you. That's why I do it. Not for the billions of potential dollars. Who wants to be rich anyways? Being rich is so 1998, pfft. It's never about the money, it's about creating an art form to attract money, to create more art. See, there is a difference.

To all  my fans who have been supporting me and Don't Smile Productions, hang tight. More exciting stuff coming your way. We just tapped the surface.

Thank you for all the support!