Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strike 3 For Punisher

Hey MBB's,

I just wanted to welcome you to my first blog. Yes! Hurray!

I am still a virgin to blogging, I do have a rant about a movie I recently rented, Punisher: War Zone. This movie sucked so bad that I had to write a movie review. So here it is bloggers, my movie review on Punisher: War Zone. Enjoy!

Strike 3 for Punisher
Before I start bashing this movie, let me start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Marvel Universe all the way down to my Spiderman underwear. This is not a artsy fartsy review. I am not the type of guy that thinks Nights of Rodanthe was the greatest movie ever made. This review is from a fan that is not happy with this film.

Punisher: War Zone is the third motion picture adaptation of Marvel comic book series The Punisher. Unlike the previous two films this version is more closely bound to the actual events that take place in the comic book series. The film is based around the central character Frank Castle/ The Punisher ( Ray Stevenson), a former Special Forces instructor who has an insatiable thirst for vengeance.

This film has scenes of over the top action marred by mediocre acting. Dominic West(Rockstart,300) plays Billy the Beaute/Jigsaw, an ambitious villain who is horribly disfigured during a confrontation with The Punisher. Every time Dominic West opens his mouth and spews out his horrible New York Italian accent I feel like I want to drown myself in marinara sauce. Along with his accent, his mannerism are tragic, I've never seen an Italian mob boss constantly moves his mouth to the side as if he was Sylvester Stallone(Adrian!) Every time he speaks he moves his hands as if he was using sign language with an Italian accent.

Now onto Ray Stevenson, a generally unheard of actor and with good reason, he does not truly tackle the role of Frank Castle. Honestly, he kind of stumbles into it. He looks like a 50 year old man wearing a bullet proof turtle neck. Stevenson rasps his voice so badly that he makes Castle sound like he's been smoking since birth.

The film would have benefited greatly if the editor would have littered the
cutting room floor with ever scene of Loony Bin Jim/ Doug Hutchinson..enough said.
I honestly felt that I was being Punished watching this movie.

To all comic book and non comic book fans, please do not watch this movie. I would rather watch Ben Affleck in Dare Devil again, than to watch Punisher: War Zone.

Punisher: Bore Zone.

Mike Betancourt- The Comic's Comic