Sunday, November 28, 2010

GridIron Journey

A CHIEF from Kansas saw a BEAR eat an EAGLE, he then said to himself " If BEAR eat Bird, he shall inherit great powers. I shall eat a SEAHAWK" And so he did. But CHIEF's heart was sadden when he saw white man kill for sport and not for food.

" PATRIOTS murdering LIONS for fun, not a fair victory; STEELERS hunting our BILLS like VIKINGS hunt for REDSKINS. White man thinks he is like GIANTS when JAGUARS can't run."

CHIEF walked around forest to find peace, but all of a sudden he was chased by BENGALS. He ran and ran, he even tried throwing spears. But there were too many BENGALS. He then prayed and called unto God for help. JETS flew over the forest firing missiles at the BENGALS. God said to CHIEF " If BROWNS can defeat PANTHERS, you can do anything, continue your journey and fly like a Bird"

CHIEF then walked to Dallas because he heard that SAINTS punished COWBOYS with Lightning bolt Chargers and COLTS. This great state had been quiet a site to see, because he witnesses TEXANS slay mighty TITANS and DOLPHINS drowning RAIDERS.

CHIEF was then captured and thrown onto a ship. He was not afraid for he knew this was part of his journey. He said to Captain of the ship " One day RAVEN shall make you nevermore." But captain laughed and replied " Ha ha ha ha, we are Buccaneers, we can not die. We are fast like BRONCOS but strong like RAMS. Nothing and no one can---"

A FALCON then flew and poked his eye as if he were packing cheese in Green Bay.(Big loss today Cheeseheads)

" Oh great FALCON thank you. God told you to guide me . I follow you anywhere "

" Follow me to Arizona"

Will CHIEF see CARDINALS sore or will the 49ers pan for gold?

Mike Betancourt