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Sunday, December 8, 2013

How could I not write about Nelson Mandela?

You would think I would be a damn fool not to write about Nelson Mandela.  I know in my previous blog I wrote about Paul Walker, but I felt bad for him. And as a father who lost a father, it sucks losing one and I can imagine the pain my daughters would go through if I wasn't here. Now you can see the angle I was writing from. Not to capitalize on his name and make money (thanks for the fans though, they are in need for a new leader. Follow me  I was being mindful  and I wanted to uplift a tragic story.  Am I getting soft at my age? When you're angry for most of your life and finally letting go of that anger  you  become compassionate  which is a sign of maturity.  So the answer is yes, I'm becoming soft and now it's time for me to man up.

 Paul Walker is old news, we all need to get over it. If you think about it  he didn't really do that much. Compared to who am I writing about now his name alone has achieved more success and love than any other name today. A dedicated peace maker who went to prison for 26 years to then become President of South Africa for which he saved a country from civil war, that's worth more than any box office hit. Sorry Paul Walker, you may be the Jesus of Nitrous but you are no Mandela.

I can barely forgive my family if they piss me off,  I can't imagine loving anything after 26 years in prison. Yet to lead a nation into victory while promoting peace and love. Maya Angelo said it best "The one thing we can learn from Nelson Mandela is forgiveness" If Nelson Mandela's soul purpose in life was to teach humanity how to forgive then Mission Accomplished, your grace here on Earth has affected everyone. I can be the first to admit that I need to forgive myself and start forgiving others.

  Don't forget that he won the Noble Peace Prize because he followed his heart. You might learn a thing or two President Obama aka Bizzaro Mandela. He  didn't win this prestigious award for just becoming a President. Perhaps letting our troops come home, veto the NDAA act,  stop the NSA from spying on us, trust your people and love them the way Mandela did for South Africa.   I don't hate you Obama, nor our government because I have Mandela'd you. That means forgive. Although most of your administration  deserve 26 years of imprisonment to learn a thing or two about love. I am not going to get angry,  this blog isn't gonna be my rampage Alex Jones bull horn, soap box , fear The New World Order, George Orwell's 1985 banter. Not this blog, the next ones sure but not this one.  This is blog is dedicated to forgiveness, love and losing a great man.

I was lucky enough to know his name throughout  my childhood till now. I am very thankful that he did live amongst  us and I was able to witness his legacy unfold.  His death should not be a day of saddness but a day for us to rejoice, live and learn his teachings.

Thank you Nelson Mandela for everything that you have done for humanity.  We will never forget your words because they are too powerful to ignore.

“People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite... Man's goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never explained.”- Nelson Mandela