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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Real Thanksgiving.....

This photo is the only reason why I wanted to write this blog. This is my family and I am very thankful for them.  What more can I ask for? Honestly, absolutely nothing. As long as I have my family, I will have everything.  And I will protect my family with my life. Without them, I would be just like my friends. I take that back, I would be worse than my friends. I would be in bad shape. And my friends are in really bad shape. Here are my friends : A Man Child, A Rageaholic, A Forever Swinging Bachelor( Yeah one of those you'll see in his 50's wearing an earing.) A fake tough guy who is actually sensitive , I mean realllly sensitive. Not even  Gays would want to flip this one .  One date with this guy they would say " No dick is not worth that amount of agony. " And you shouldn't, trust me. To top it off he's an idiot.  No common sense whatsoever. Stay away from this one. Men and women. 

But who am I to judge?  If I didn't have my family, I would be ALL of the above or dead. I am not saying that my friends should start a family. Seriously, them procreate? You're fine boys, trust me.  But I needed to be a father. I needed to have a family. And I didn't even realize how much I needed them. 

  A full time Father/Husband/ Stand up Comedian is not easy. Especially for stand up. The only way to make it as a  great comedian is that you have to dedicate your whole life to it. You must soak up everything  all around you for comedy. Thinking and writing comedy 24/7. But as a family man, I can't. I don't  get to have that time, because it's not fair them. They didn't choose a life of a stand up comedian. Not to mention  I am not an easy person to live with but I've been changing my ways. I still need a lot of work, but I will change for them.  

That's why I can't stand Thanksgiving, seeing people that I don't care see nor  call on  regular basis. We say our hellos, hugs and respects. Then we sit down with our fake smiles and bull shit about mindless whatever and then we say" Hey great thanksgiving. I will see you next year"  If it was up to me; my perfect  Thanksgiving would be me, my wife and kids, and few of my friends.  My kids need a play date and they can teach my friends responsibility. Plus we all would drink, eat and watch Bob's Burgers. Paradise. But it's not about me it's about what they want. Sure it sounds fun, but my kids love visiting everyone. Wait a second, maybe theirs something wrong with me and everyone hates hanging out with me?  If I wasn't a father, I wouldn't think this through nor have the compassion to think about this.  Thank you family! That is why I will do whatever they want me too. I owe it to them.  

My family  loves me and supports my comedy dream. And I am truly living the dream, but without them it would be a nightmare. The love they give me is the most amazing feeling anyone could imagine.  Whenever I come home from a shitty gig they are there and love me as much as if I got a standing ovation. It doesn't matter to them, because they love me for me. They also give me the encouragement take leaps and bounds to whatever I want to achieve. When I am with them it feel invinceable. 

To my wife and beautiful girls, I love you very much and very thankful to have you. Forever and always.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.