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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day

There is nothing more disgusting when I see a holiday being taking for granted. Especially for Veterans Day. "10% off on all Sales. Get your bull shit product today!"

Really Corporate America? What's next the 9/11 blow out sale? It wouldn't surprise me. Give it 10 more years tops and you'll see 9/11 sales all over Automalls. Listen up, blood has been shed on a battle field. And you want to exploit that for your personal gain? Are any of these profits going back to the Vets and their family? Don't answer that, we already know the answer.

That is not what we Veterans signed up for. To be continued propaganda for profit. If anything it should be a day of remembrance. It should be a day where we remember everyone's name who we lost in battle. Both sides. After all, aren't we just following orders. We believe what was told to us without question, because we loved our country. We had great pride when we wore our uniforms and felt like we were worth something when we came home. People would cheer us on, and shake our hands, buy us drinks, and always say "Thank you for your service". We would smile and soak up all the attention because hell after all we deserved it. We were doing something that no one else in our family would step up to do. Or we came from a bloodline that we continued the tradition.  Don't forget about the  Montgomery GI Bill. Let's be honest Vets, you like that free schooling. Don't lie.

But what about the ones that got kicked out over some bull shit reason?  What about the ones who got kicked out after 4 years of service with a good conduct medal and was Nominated for a Navy Achievement Award. Yeah that's what happened to me. Don't worry this is not going to be a woe is me thing. Because that's not what we were trained to do. No, we were trained to pick up ourselves and move forward. I don't want to get off topic and it's a really long story on how I got kicked out, with Honorable Conditions. Not Honorable Discharge. Meaning I didn't get the dough. If you want to hear more about my story, come see me live at one of my shows.  Remember this, I am not the only one who got kicked out over some stupid reasons. I know a plethora of fellow Vets who got kicked over some real bull shit reasons. If anyone else is out there who got screwed over from the Military  contact me, I would love to hear your story.

But back to what I was originally talking about. What happens to us Vets when we get out?  Nothing. Just some bull shit transfer me out class and on your way. That's it. Which is kind of odd, because the Military spends so much time transforming us into them and they don't have the audacity to transform us back when we're done. No therapy? No psych evaluation? No meditation? Nothing? Nope, because THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US! Plain and simple. In their eyes we are expendables , a gear, a pee on.

I don't believe that. And here is what I posted on facebook which inspired me to write this blog " Whatever your feelings you have about our government and the world today, just remember that everyone who enlisted believed in one thing. Honor not corruption. My fellow Veterans, remember the vow we made: To protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. Your duty isn't over because you are not wearing a uniform. You're still worth something and you can still make a difference in this world. Protect your family which is humanity . Happy Veterans Day!" 

It's true Veterans, you're still worth something. When I got home, I was tired, exhausted and embarrassed. I didn't know how to function, my first three months I was stuck in my room drinking whiskey and playing cards by myself. That void of being there for someone went away. I didn't know what my purpose was anymore. But I finally found it, I am a Father who loves his family very much. I will do anything for them and I will protect them from any danger. That is what I was trained to do. I have to protect my family by protecting Humanity. You can do the same Veterans. Pick up yourself  and rise above everything. Don't fear the New World Order. Don't fear the economic collapse. Don't fear anything.

Remember your  core values  Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Happy Veterans Day!