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Monday, November 18, 2013


This is your brain telling you to stop with everything right now! No this isn't Mike Betancourt blogging. This is your brain telling you to stop with everything right now! Are you starting to see a pattern?
This is your brain telling you to stop with everything right now! Stop!

Now that I have your attention, let's discuss why we need to stop with everything right now.

Listen up Will Robinson , too much information will create an overload. You need to do the following to prevent Mind -Malfunction.

1. Read a book- Noticed I said a book not an article online.  Do not spend all day online. Take time to read a book.  Yes I know it's ironic that you have to go online to read this blog and for me to tell you to stay off line and read a book. After you read this blog, then read a book. It wont hurt me.

2. Turn off your TV. - There are too many frequencies  on television that can alter my wave of thinking. From the ticker that you see on CNN, to loud commercials, to  Spongebob Squarepants. It is terrible for me and it's making me laz.....Uh shoot I feel asleep for a second. Sorry about that.  See Too much TV, I spoke Inglish well. Although, nothing is wrong with watching a movie. Especially Man of Steel- Best Superman Flick ever made.

3.  Meditate- Not only will meditating calm you down, but it allows me to rest, recollect and recharge. And yes, sleeping helps out too. Combination  of meditating and getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night, will keep me sharp.

4. Cut out the junk food- Everything that comes in a box or package is bad for me. Stop poisoning me with crap! Everytime you eat junk food it clogs my  vision. It sucks. 5 hour energy crack is not what I asked for.

5. Positive thinking- Not only will positive thinking  help me come up with brilliant ideas, but it will also keep me happy. And when I am happy, you're happy which leads to everyone else being happy. Fear, doubt, hate, and anger  can stay with junk food.

6. Have fun- Draw, paint, play music, or just being creative everyday is what you need in your life. Also go out side and enjoy the Sun and fresh air. Unless you live in China where the smog is so thick they have to shut down schools for a day. Then stay inside and online, it's actually healthier for you.

7. Love- Do I really need to explain this?

Listen to me everyone. Follow these rules. Make me happy and keep me happy.

Thank you.