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Monday, February 3, 2014

Worst Super Bowl Ever!

Now that the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, we can all relax. I am sure Peyton Manning had enough ridicule for the day; but, wow what a shitty day at work where billions witnessed it all unfold and talk about you just like this blog. Holy crap that sucks! Whenever I bomb on stage I tend to beat myself up about it all week. After watching Peyton get crucified, I've learned to brush shit off, even if it's the big one.
It's just a game people and you shouldn't stress or dwell about it either.  Win or lose, they don't care about you. Plus, I am sure Peyton has already forgotten about Super Bowl XLVIII.  The man is making bank and he's living a dream, good or bad he is still living a dream. Congratulations on doing something that not a lot of people can say they can do. Hell I would love to lose at a Super Bowl, that alone is an experience in itself. 

Eliminate the Broncos from the Super Bowl because they obviously didn't show up, but other than that everything else just sucked about it.  It was too damn long and the commercials sucked. Except for Captain America: Winter Solider which comes out April 4th! Look at last year with the 49ers vs Ravens, power goes out and the day just drags on. (Go Niners! Hopefully without KantpassperNick. You're a false prophet!)

After watching football during the regular season I tend to be a little lethargic but on Super Bowl Sunday I am just downright brain dead.  Why is that? I am sure it's a lot of things; booze, food, and the mindless stare at the idiot box for nearly 6-7 hours straight, I am sure that didn't have any effect on anyone. Let's just pray that we were not subjected to any Pavlov's treatment with different sound waves, subliminal messages and flickering from your TV. Who knows if we were hypnotized and would start killing someone from a certain noise?

"Oh Mike you're a conspiracy theorist. You're tripping." Maybe, but how much of an idiot do you feel after watching 7 hours straight of TV? Exactly. I know I didn't want to read a book after that long, draining, exhausting, boring Super Bowl.  Uh, I am still tired. Yawn! Don't yawn otherwise you'll start Yaaawning. Ha ha you thought about it and started to yawn. Well at least you're not shooting someone after being brainwashed.
I really need to cut back on watching football. I don't know why I fall into that Super Bowl trap – especially if my team is not playing. What's the point in watching it? Especially if the SheHawks are playing. Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson need to find another team, because Karma will finally come around to Pete Carroll. The future of the SheHawks isn't bright! The End is Near!  Get out now while you have talent! 

Well Peyton you had a hell of a season and you scored a ton of points on my fantasy team!  And that is what truly matters.  Team SteamiN Mikey B-Man!