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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Mikes was a success!


Yes ladies and gents. The Mikes first show was a huge success! Everyone did extremely well. You don't want to miss out on The Mikes.

If you don't know who The Mikes are no worries. The Mikes  is not me talking about the voices I hear in my head. Or type while. I was getting to that. Sorry. Or type. The Mikes is a 5 comedian group, and all of us are named Mike.5 different comics with 5 different styles.  Pretty simple. Allow me to introduce all the Mikes. Wait I thought I was. You are. Ok.

Mike Sinclair. The Soooul Brother. His mind is so sharp that glass breaks when he walks by. 

Michael Calvin Jr. The Mouth: Enough said. 

Mike Osborn: The Heart. He may seem cute and cuddly but if you put him in a corner he'll fight his way out because he's got The Heart of a lion. 

Michael O'Connell. The Mastermind. He's the genius that came up with this  Mike idea. He may be in a wheel chair, but he's been wheeling and dealing making sure The Mikes go nation wide. 

and Me. You mean us. Yes, us. Mike Betancourt: The Mayhem. How about crazy. Mike stop, you are messing up this blog. Oh shit sorry they are still reading. Yes, please leave. 

We are The Mikes and we had a great show. No means are we being a showboat saying we killed and demolished the crowd. And we are GREAT because we have a following. Hell NO! Without the people supporting us ,  all of us working hard coming together, all the promotions, this show would not have been a success if none of these components all worked out. Thank you everyone who made this show possible. Even if you were not there, most of you told friends and pass the word along. Thank you very much ! 

The Mikes will continue to grow and have more dates to come. Be sure to hang tight. As far as me, Mike Betancourt, I am still working on other projects too: Funny Bunny, scripts, sketches, and of course my Youtube channel---- INSERT CHANNEL . But here and on Youtube I will be promoting the Mikes. 

Don't forget The Mikes were on Good Day Sacramento: 

Stay tuned FOR  MORE MIKES ....the group... and The crazy one! (notice Mike is wearing the same shirt. He doesn't have a lot of clothes) 

Peach out!