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Monday, December 31, 2012

Super Bowltrix Sunday

OH Shit! My Niners won today! Go Niners! We did it! Arizona didn't stand a chance. We demolished them!

We? We didn't do a damn thing. We didn't practice. We didn't spend every single breathing moment dedicated to Football. No We didn't. All WE did was give money, women, cars, drugs, mansions... the list goes on and on. We give everything  to athletes  . Hell We will fight our family for our team.
" Who's got 5 Superbowls! Oh shit, MY TEAM BITCH! NOW TELL YOUR KICKER TO KILL HIMSELF AS WITH YOUR COACH... BITCH!  Now, get out of my face or I am going to break your neck bro."-I know someone would've said Mom or Grandma here but I am not going for the cheap laugh. I actually want to earn it.

We will stand and be proud of our team. We will dedicate our lives for our team.  Because our team is us and we are them. We are Football.

Now don't get me wrong, I love watching football. It's a great sport to watch and it does bring people together for bbqs, Drink Pepsi and hang out.  I think that's a great thing to have. But The NFL has done something more. They made into a LIVELY HOOD. A way of life. From Fantasy Football to Madden Online, ESPN,  Red Zone, NFL Ticket,  the list goes on and on. Corporate America did it yet again and I am tired of it. They watered down everything they can get out of a sport and make it into what Christmas has become. Something you fucking hate.

"I love the Super Bowl. Even if my team isn't in it, I'll still watch it because of the commercials. They're fucking funny!'

Anyone watches the Superbowl because of that reason is a moron. I raise my hand first for I am one of them. But my eyes are open and I see that the Superbowl has become The Matirx. A false reality that the machine tells you what to do and what to wear,  and what  better way to brainwash the masses on a day  the whole World will watch. I say don't watch. Even if you're team is in it.  Unplug yourself from the Bowltrix. Yes I,   no I am not Neo; but I am telling you this. Unplug yourself. Unplug yourself on Superbowltrix Sunday and not watch it. Turn off your TV. Walk away. And do something else. 


No I am normal. And try to relax, you'll hear how it went from someone else. Or you can watch the highlights or watch it when it becomes a NFL Classic. Basically, you can always watch the Superbowl at any time.

But now I am starting a new tradition. A new Holiday.  And on this day, you do something else. Create something. Watch a movie, or write a movie, or even and this might be a little off ... play football. But don't forget to greet others this:   " Merry Bowltrix. You're mind is clear."

Go Niners!