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Monday, December 10, 2012


Kablamo... No not today.

As you know, Christmas is amongst us. O yes tis time of year where we celebrate the birth of Christ and Santa Claus. Most people don't believe in Santa Claus because they are conflicted with their religion. God vs Man Made God, but hasn't that always been the problem.  The problem with Santa Claus is that he has became a different symbol. Santa's changed. He became more than just a Holly Jolly, Drink Coke, be good children Santa is always watching you .This last one always freaks me out.  Sure kids believe in a perverted man that watches your every move and if you're a really good boy or girl Santa will give you a present. Too Sanduskish. That's right Santa Claus is now Sanduskified. There ya go.  A new word has been created.


Sanuskified/ san-DUS-ke-fied/ : a noun;
1.  Too friendly or too nice
2. Over use of showers with children.
3. A Fucking Pervert!
Created by Mike Betancourt   Don't Smile Productions. Copyright. 2012(c). All rights reserved.

Santa needs to go away for a while. That way, we need to  teach our children about  naughty or nice. And not rely on Santa's watching you be good. How about I'M WATCHING YOU, BE GOOD. I'M YOUR PARENT AND YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ME. I AM TEACHING YOU.

Bingo! There's our problem.  We as adults has forgotten how to be teachers. Remember, it takes a community to raise a child. No one wants to help any more, no one cares about Christmas. If you really cared about Christmas, don't buy any thing. Create something. Write a song. Make something instead of buy something. Buying something is quick and easy to do. When you make something that comes from the heart and you have to think more about that person. I know, most of you are not creative, but you can ask around.
Look it up online. Creative ideas. See to create something, that requires an imagination and ideas. Ideas keeps our minds sharp. Having our minds sharp is exactly what ADVERTISERS DON'T WANT YOU TO DO. Advertisers, sorry I meant who's controlling us. Oh great Mike here we go again, you're the next person that is talking about controlled government. I am sick and tired of hearing this.

Well good, you should be tired of hearing this. And don't worry I wont preach about The Government. The Goverment! It's All The Goverments fault! Just know this folks. This system is broken. It doesn't work any more. It's all an illusion. So don't worry about a thing when this system finally crashes. Sure it might suck for a bit, but we are the ones that will go down in history. We are the ones that will sacrifice our lives for our children. Our children's will live in an absolute perfect society. And that's ok. This one sucks anyways, so why have our children see any more. It's done. Unplugged.

 Ahh unplugged. That was such a great show. Watching LLCoolJ telling the band to rewind that shit. Classic! Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band. Unplugged was the shit .MTV in general was the shit, not MTV now. Fuck no! FUCK MTV! I hate it now. It wasn't like it use to be. Remote Control, Liquid TV, Half Hour Comedy Hour, Yo MTV Raps!, Headbangers Ball. Beavis and Butthead, The Oddities, Aeon's Flux,

MIKE STOP! You're ranting, You went from God, Santa, End of the world, and MTV? Where are you going with this blog?

I don't know.