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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BP Killed Aquaman!

Hey hey, Fans. All 2.5 of you!

The picture above which I found online is worth 1000 words, only a few words come to mind when I look at this picture. F U BP!
We all know that it took BP( British Pussies) more than 80 days and 2100 gallons of oil spewing out into the Gulf. Really BP? It had to take this long and millions of dollars later to clean up this mess? BP Chief Executive Tony Hayward " Amount of Volume of Oil and dispersant we are putting into it's tiny relations of the total water volumes". " Tiny relations"? Listen here you ugly version of Mr. Bean, most of that oil has sunk at the bottom where shrimp, oysters and crab are being effective greatly. Even Aquaman!

Aquaman may be one of the lamest super hero in comic book history... the man rides a F'N SEA HORSE. I heard that he only wants to ride male sea horses that are pregnant just to torture them. His last sea horse was expecting twins and Aquaman wanted an abortion. How do you give a sea horse an abortion? Well, our ocean is extremely polluted, so I am sure there are plenty of wire hangers on the ocean floor.
I just feel bad for the city of Atlantis, all I can think about are the millions of Atlantians dying from cancer due to the Corexit Dispersant and BP giving Aquaman a crude oil enema.

" I just want my life back" -Tony Hayward. What about those 11 workers who died on your rig, Tony?! I am sure they wanted their lives back too. BP, you're not just hurting our environment, or economy, but our imaginations. I feel the cap in my brain has been leaking out for days. BP persuaded to static kill my thoughts. Clean up this mess BP because the seaweed is not always greener and under the sea, under the sea is not where it's better or where it's wetter take it from me.

Thank you BP, you killed Aquaman. Becareful Submariner, you're next.

Mike Betancourt- The Comic's Comic