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Sunday, November 25, 2012

We are The Mikes

Wait one damn second! Wait a freaking minute! Hold the phone, ipad, and tablet. You mean to tell me that there's more than one Mike? Yes, five comedians named Mike and sharing one stage. Sounds like a boy band. Very funny Mike, but the difference between  One Direction, O-Town, 98 degrees, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC,   and Menudo, is that The Mikes guarantee one laugh. Everything else is a bonus. Plus these Mikes have talent and don't need auto-tune to enlighten a crowd. You didn't make fun of New Edition. Lay off the Candy Girl, that's a masterpiece!

So who are The Mikes?

Michael O'Connell, The Mastermind: The genius that came up with the idea of putting The Mikes together. He may be in a wheelchair but he's been wheelin and dealing making The Mikes nationwide.

Mike Osborn, The Heart: He may seem cute and cuddly, but you put him in a corner he will fight his way out because he has a heart of a lion.

Michael Calvin Jr, The Mouth: A man that can spit game faster than anyone can stutter. ( He stutters that's why it's  funny)

Mike Sinclair, The Soul: A soul brother, do we need another? Also, Sinclair has been making a huge impact in Hollywood.( As seen on CSI NY)

Mike Betancourt, The Mayhem: The crazy one, the loose cannon, the wild card, the only one who talks and answers to himself. Right Mike? Yes sir.

I guess we are like a boy band. Hmm who would of thunk it. Watch our debut show November 30th at the Sacramento Comedy Spot 9pm.  For more info about The Mikes go to

There will be many more shows, many more blogs, many more TV spots(We are all going to be on Good Day Sacramento Friday November 29th, set your DVR now!) but no one is going to forget the first time The Mikes set foot on stage together .

Witness The Beginning. Witness, The Mikes