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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Blog is Back!

Mike Betancourt is back in the blogging world. Wow there is a ton of cobwebs here. Crap! Wait Mike, I thought you were blogging already. Aren't you Funny Bunny? Yes and no. He's my alter ego but not a lot of people are fans of The Bunny. I have to build the comedy side as well as the Horror side. Wow two sides to Mike? Ha you have no idea. I think I have an idea. Ok stop bugging me I need to get back to the fans. Oh sorry. Go ahead. Mike Betancourt fans I am changing my fan club name. It will No longer be the Mike B Comedy fans. Too damn long. If you are a fan of Mike Betancourt that means you here and now are officially a member of THE BETANCOURT BRIGADE! I finally went public with this name on YouTube. Check out Open Open Mike Episode 16: Mike, you're not suppose to plug yourself until the end of the blog. Will you please stop interrupting me? This link was explaining The Betancourt Brigade. Yeah but you could of easily said that at the end. Let me write how I want too ok. Go ahead. Thank you.

Anyways, The Betancourt Brigade is a fan base, if you belong to The Betancourt Brigade you will be on a guest list to any show that I am. Wow cool! I know . How does one actually become a member of The Betancourt Brigade? Just send me a message All you have to say is " Finkle Flam Floom Flock" and you are in. Wow perfect. See, isn't pretty easy to plug while I blog. I guess you're right Mike. I am sorry for ever doubting you. No problem, we are not perfect. Stay tuned Brigade! More exiting stuff coming your way. Don't for get to catch me live at The Sacramento Comedy Spot more info go to Is there anything else you need to plug Mike, you walking billboard you. Stop dude you've been  bugging me this whole time I lost my train of thought and I wasted their time.

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Nice banner Mike, you should get one for yourself. Shut up dude.