Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 years later.... 9/11 remains.

Today is a good day to write a blog. I haven't written a blog in quite sometime so I am glad dust off the cobwebs and start writing. As I sit here thinking about 9/11, I can only remember a few things: the fear, the cries, the loved ones, the anger. The worst thing to me about 9/11 were the ones who jumped out and fell to their deaths. That has been with me and I am sure a lot of you. Before that moment, life as we knew it was pretty easy. Not a care in the world,  MTV was pretty cool but on it's way to the shit factory.Smart phones was just a theory, and Lord of The Rings just came out. It was fresh from the 90's so we all still had that cool, Hip -Hop, KC and Jo jo , Linkin Park( Insert whatever band that made you feel great during this time)  vibe.

But then the planes hit......

  I am not here to waive the flag and say 9/11 was an inside job. Although thirteen years later the evidence has been stacked very high and Building 7 has never explained. I am not saying our Government pushed the red button. But  personally; they got lazy, knew what was going to happen and allowed it to happen. For one thing and one thing only. Yes I do believe that, and I was apart of it. I was in the Navy sailing out to fight for our country. To blow them terrorist straight to hell!

I am 33 years old now, who's been out of the Navy for ten years.  I have a family, three cats, a fish and a dog named Falkor.   I am a stand up comedian, an ok actor and a shitty writer. Punctuation is where it kills me. I'm sorry.  I've made people laugh, yell, and leap for joy. But I will never betray the trust of those who believe in me. I will never allow for those who I love dearly stay in harms way and do nothing about it. I am a father, friend and one who will protect those around me. And I am sure you would too. 

For those who lost their lives on 9/11 were our family. We must always be awaken to remember that the truth has not been said. For our family, we must always fight for them. We must always keep asking and always keep remembering. We must not believe what is on TV but what is in our hearts.  I don't believe in politics but do believe in unity. I do believe that we will prevail and we will create a society that only love is our God and not money. It's the only way because we owe our lives to everyone who died on 9/11. That is our only purpose. We must change, we must believe and we must...

Never Forget 9/11/2001

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