Monday, March 31, 2014

Daaa System

This blog will work if it's in Bill Swerski's voice. If you're not sure whothat is, then imagine it in George Wendt's (Norm from Cheers) voice, but for added fun, think visually of Chris Farley as the picture suggests. Oh, you don't remember the TV show, Cheers? What the hell is wrong with you kid?
Bill Swerski's voice:
You see America, that's the problem with today's youth. Sure, I may sound like a grandpa while sitting on my soapbox, chanting out foul remarks and saying that the only greatest football team is "Da Bears"
Back to Bill Swerski's voice:
Daaaamn right! Let's not get side tracked here because I know today's attention span is limit--Hey where are you going? Come back here and finish reading this blog. Sheesh, kids today. Do you see the problem folks? Not only are kids' attention spans short, but there isn't anyone that they can look up to. Sure, they may know about legends and former pioneers, but there isn't any role model making an impact. Well, I take that back, there are plenty of role models(or even entertainers) out there who are smart and want to make a difference; but, the kids need to stop watching TV because THEY ARE NO LONGER ON TV ANYMORE! Dats right kids, all the rocking rebels, The Rage Against The Machine, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Chris Farley( Farley) Who was funnier than Farely? Daaaa..... He gets your blood flowing with aggression and makes you want to--
Chris Farley's voice

Aggressive entertainers aren't on TV any more. Turn that crap off! Get out of the mainstream and turn the other way. Independent entertainers are making shockwaves again and it's time for you kids to know that first hand. Speaking of first hand, stop reading your history books and start making History. Invent something, create something, become a CEO. That's what you need to do!  I know firsthand, dat there is another Nikola Tesla out there, waiting to piss off the powers that be. And I salute ya. 
Ok kids, you know your assignment and you know what you need to do. 

Daaaa Bears! 

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